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Až Se Na Dno Dotěží - Fart Against Thunder - Fart Against Thunder (Cassette, Album)

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  1. Zulurr says:
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  2. Kajikazahn says:
    To attempt something which, in the face of a massive adversary is equivalent to trying to drown out a thunderstorm with a feeble fart. Can also be used as an exaggerated way of describing how one's attempts at 'getting the message across' to an individual or party were met with a overpowering sense of hopelessness and futility. Often out of pure frustratrion.
  3. Kazirn says:
    Sep 17,  · Gassy horses are the best
  4. Fekasa says:
    Farting against thunder. Posted by Lewis on November 12, In Reply to: Farting against thunder posted by Smokey Stover on October 30, Is "farting against thunder" a phrase with similar meaning to "pissing into the wind"?: Similar, perhaps, but not exactly equivalent.
  5. Nern says:
    We feel that the selection of farts represents the widest variety of farts available from any farting dot, anywhere. To add more farts might be redundant. We have covered wet farts, slurping farts, long farts, squeakers, drum-and-bass, and all the favorites. So, there are no plans to add more fart .
  6. Jucage says:
    Thunder Predator, previously known as Thunder Awaken, is a South American eSports organization. Their name was changed due to a sponsorship from Acer's Predator brand.
  7. Samushura says:
    Thunder Daze are the top midlands cover band playing a wide range of guitar driven american west coast classic, modern and blues rock Call for b.
  8. Minos says:
    The Thunder-lord rules the giants from Iorbar, south and east of the Giant's Table in the Misty Mountains. The Thunder-lord is the source of the giants' recent hostility, and he must be defeated before all the giants in the region heed his commands. You will need the aid of brave allies if you hope to defeat him.

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