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  1. Kazigrel says:
    Motorbreath’s effects are described as euphoric, having a strong body high, and increasing appetite. After a little while it creeps up on you and can hit you with a wave of relaxation and sleep. This strain is described as having a “numbing” effect that works great for pain. The terpene profile of this strain includes limonene, which.
  2. Kazrajinn says:
    One of the best damn tracks Metallica has ever recorded.
  3. Tygozil says:
    May 25,  · Living and dying, laughing and crying Once you have seen it you'll never be the same Life in the fast lane is just how it seems Hard and it's heavy and dirty and mean Motorbreath It's how I live my life I can't take it any other way Motorbreath The sign of living fast It is going to take your breath away Don't stop for nothing, it's full speed or nothing I'm taking down, you know, whatever's.
  4. Grohn says:
    Motorbreath The sign of living fast. It is Going to Take your breath away Those people who tell you not to take chances. They are all missing on what life is about You only live once so take hold of the chance Don't end up like others the same song and dance Motorbreath It's how I live my life I can't Take it.
  5. Dazuru says:
    Motorbreath has all the head-knocking qualities of an OG strain with the more uplifting and powerful qualities of the Chem. These genetics deliver a relaxing effect that will relieve stress and pain while helping to stimulate your appetite. This is an excellent variety for afternoons and evenings.
  6. Meztinos says:
    Motorbreath – Metallica tribute captures the look, sound and feel of hard rock’s most recognized band, the mighty Metallica. Each performance is a lesson in raw power and passion while delivering a set list that spans the 30+ years that Metallica has reigned over all that is metal, from NO LIFE ‘TIL LEATHER to HARDWIRED TO SELF-DESTRUCT!
  7. Vudoktilar says:
    Description Pisces Genetics combined the D version of legendary strain Chemdawg with the equally renowned San Fernando Valley OG (SFV OG) to create Motorbreath. It’s a rare strain without much info except that it flowers in about 10 weeks and has a chemical, citrus Brand: Hybrid.
  8. Kagabei says:
    The motorbreath strain, sometimes referred to as motor breath weed, motorbreath 15 weed or motorbreath 15 strain, is great for people who want to party. Not only will it chill you out and excite you at the same time, but it’ll really turn you on. Motorbreath 15 weed is .
  9. Meztilabar says:
    MotorbreatH is A professional Metallica Tribute band based in the Dallas/Ft. Worth,Texas Area. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Get Started.

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