are not right. assured. can prove it..

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  1. Moogum says:
    Aug 30,  · In this '60s retro prequel to the bizarro-noir Bloodsucker's Handbook (AKA Enchiridion), Bloodsucker's Planet follows the crew of the space ship Argosy as they respond to a distress signal from the industrial Planet Mara only to discover the planet is ruled by the sinister Mother Vampire/
  2. Gusar says:
    Gatekeeper butterflies (Pyronia tithonus) sucking fresh blood from a sock Hematophagy (sometimes spelled haematophagy or hematophagia) is the practice by certain animals of feeding on blood (from the Greek words αἷμα haima "blood" and φαγεῖν phagein "to eat").
  3. Totaxe says:
    May 08,  · Bloodsuckers has the potential to be a somewhat decent movie, the concept of military types tracking down and battling vampires in space is one with some potential in /10(K).
  4. Julkree says:
    Examples of bloodsucker in a Sentence Our landlord, the bloodsucker, just raised our rent again. the union accused the company executives of being bloodsuckers, since they had given themselves .
  5. Yolrajas says:
    bloodsucker Rather, the rumours of bloodsuckers indicate a flexible ' truth ' that is negotiated through talking, since hearsay is a kind of truth when people believe it. From Cambridge English Corpus If it .
  6. Zulujora says:
    The Bloodstalker is an aggressive creature in ARK Survival Evolved that shoots webbing to latch onto prey and reel them to it while on the ceiling or at the walls of the trees or caves. The Bloodstalker kills its prey by draining its blood and impaling it with retractable spikes in its feet.
  7. Mutaxe says:
    A bloodsucker is any creature that sucks blood from a wound that it has made in an animal or person. 2. countable noun If you call someone a bloodsucker, you disapprove of them because you think they do not do anything worthwhile but live off the efforts of other people.
  8. Vudolar says:
    blood·suck·er (blŭd′sŭk′ər) n. 1. An animal, such as a leech, that sucks blood. 2. An extortionist or a blackmailer. 3. A person who is intrusively or overly dependent upon another; a parasite. blood′suck′ing adj. bloodsucker (ˈblʌdˌsʌkə) n 1. (Animals) an animal that sucks blood, esp a leech or mosquito 2. a person or thing that preys.

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